Having a baby

Dr Emma Buckland is an experienced obstetrician who enjoys managing both high and low risk pregnancies.  Her main focus is the health of mother and baby at all times, but having said that, she is happy to allow nature to take it’s course during the birth process and encourages active labour and vaginal birth.  She will support women in their decision to have a vaginal birth after cesarean, a vaginal breech birth, or vaginal birth of twins.  She also offers External Cephalic Version (turning a breech baby in the womb).  Sometimes a caesarian birth, an epidural or an assisted birth is needed and this is a decision made after discussion with the couple.  As Emma delivers less than 10 babies per month in her private practice she has the time and energy to get to know each couple and to work with each mother to provide individualised care. 

Emma prefers to meet her pregnant patients at about 8 weeks of pregnancy to confirm the pregnancy is going well and organise early tests.